Hair and Makeup Tips for Different Face Shapes

Hair and Makeup Tips for Different Face Shapes

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Ah, the wedding day! A whirlwind of emotions, a symphony of joy, and a canvas for radiating your most confident, dazzling self. But amidst the dress fittings and venue tours, a question whispers: “How do I make my hair and makeup complement my face shape for the most stunning bridal look?” At Michael Fels Beauty | Hair & Makeup, we understand the unique beauty of every face and the importance of tailoring hair and makeup to enhance your natural allure. Join us on a journey where we unravel the secrets behind creating the perfect look by sharing invaluable “Hair And Makeup Tips For Different Face Shapes.”

Finding Your Face Shape

Before diving into the fun stuff, let’s identify your face shape. Stand in front of a mirror and trace your hairline and jawline with lipstick. Step back and analyze the outline:

Oval: Balanced proportions – widest at the cheekbones, narrower at the forehead and jawline.

Round: Soft curves – no harsh angles, widest at the cheeks.

Square: Angular features – strong jawline, wide forehead, prominent cheekbones.

Heart-shaped: Wider forehead and cheekbones, narrow chin.

Diamond: Narrow forehead and chin, prominent cheekbones.

Oblong: Long and narrow, high forehead and small chin.

Now, let the transformation begin!

Oval Faces: Play with Balance: Your naturally balanced proportions offer endless possibilities! Enhance your cheekbones with soft contouring, draw attention to your eyes with defined lashes and playful eyeliner flicks, and experiment with different hairstyles – loose waves, chic updos, or cascading curls – you rock them all!

Round Faces: Elongate and Define: Create an illusion of length by sculpting your cheekbones with bronzer and applying highlighter down the bridge of your nose. Opt for hairstyles that add height, like voluminous updos or side-swept styles with added texture. Avoid blunt styles close to the face.

Square Faces: Soften and Highlight: Soften your strong jawline by blending blush higher up towards your temples and applying highlighter to soften the brow bone and chin. Try hairstyles with soft waves or curls to frame your face, and consider side parts for added dimension.

Heart-shaped Faces: Balance the Chin: Draw attention to your eyes with bold eyeshadow and playful lashes. To balance the narrow chin, add volume to your hair with loose waves or curls around the jawline. Avoid short, sleek styles that highlight the forehead.

Diamond Faces: Embrace the Cheekbones: Your prominent cheekbones are your natural assets! Accentuate them with highlighter and soft blush. Keep makeup application light around the eyes and lips, and experiment with sleek hairstyles like ponytails or chignons to showcase your defined features.

Oblong Faces: Add Width and Balance: Widen your face visually by applying blush horizontally across your cheekbones and using bronzer to contour your forehead and jawline. Opt for side parts and hairstyles with volume at the sides and crown, like bouncy curls or messy braids, to shorten the face.

The Impact of the Right Look

Boosting Confidence and Comfort - The Impact of Tailored Hair and Makeup

The right hair and makeup can do wonders beyond enhancing your physical features. In this segment, we delve into the psychological and emotional impact of looking and feeling your best. Discover how a tailored look not only boosts your confidence but also adds an extra layer of comfort, ensuring you walk into any event – be it a wedding, special event, photoshoot, or corporate function – radiating self-assurance.

Michael Fels Beauty’s Approach

Crafting Your Unique Look - Our Expertise in Onsite Hair and Makeup Services

Choosing the right look is not just about following trends; it’s about embracing your uniqueness. Learn how Michael Fels Beauty specializes in onsite hair and makeup services for weddings and special events in Toronto, ON, and Vancouver, BC. Our freelance makeup artists and hair stylists bring the luxury of personalized beauty directly to you, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience on your most special occasions.

Remember, darling brides, these are just guidelines! The true magic lies in embracing your unique beauty and using hair and makeup to enhance your individuality. At Michael Fels Beauty, we believe in celebrating your inherent radiance, not chasing trends. We’ll work with you to create a look that reflects your personality, style, and face shape, ensuring you feel absolutely confident and breathtakingly beautiful on your special day. 

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