What is Michael Fels Beauty all about?


“I want to look like me, but better, and not like someone else”


We are a fully mobile team of hairsytlists and makeup artists offering hair and makeup services for all events, specializing in weddings and "me-but-better" bridal beauty, in Toronto and surrounding areas.


We help luxury brides find a "me-but-better" look they absolutely love with natural, glowing makeup and soft, beautiful hair. You will feel amazingly comfortable and confident with your family and friends on your wedding day - without looking like someone else!

Our Mission & Values

"Beauty can be fun, well executed and stress free.”


We know that when you feel your best, you show up differently: as more of who you really are. At Michael Fels Beauty we understand that the experience of getting ready is just as important as the final look. And that hair and makeup are a key to help you unlock more of yourself. 

When you look great you also feel great, and that positive energy ripples out to impact every person you interact with after having our services. It’s our way of making the world a bit of a better (and prettier) place and we love helping you do it!

At Michael Fels Beauty We believe beauty should be fun, not stressful. And ESPECIALLY weddings should be fun, not stressful! Our goal is to support you every step of the way on your beauty journey whether it’s a photoshoot, lesson, special event or your wedding day. We take the stress and confusion out of getting ready on the day of your event and in the days and weeks leading up to it too: all you need is Michael Fels Beauty to look and feel your best.

Michael - Owner and Lead Stylist at Michael Fels Beauty Hair and Makeup

Who is Michael?
Owner, Master Hairstylist & Makeup Artist

Michael brings a fun-loving and bubbly personality that will leave you feeling great, and hair and makeup skills that will have you looking amazing. He is equal parts the brains and heart behind Michael Fels Beauty: bringing creativity, joy, laughter, serious hair and makeup skills and amazing organizational abilities to deliver outstanding results for every client - while having a great time doing it.

Michael is also a Skincare Queen, Chocolate-lover, Secret Gym Bro and all-around Bubbly, Silly Human! First to say yes to any snacks you offer (may eat you out of house and home). Fun, silly, playful and loves to laugh! 

A lifetime of drawing, painting and art projects led Michael to the world of hair and makeup in 2014, and a love for love led him to the wonderful world of weddings and bridal beauty! Michael apprenticed under amazing stylists for years before stepping into the ring of entrepreneurship in 2019 to start Michael Fels Beauty and has never looked back. Now, 10 years in he is a Master Hairstylist and Makeup Artist with thousands of happy, beautiful clients and hundreds of brides under his belt, Michael leads his fabulous team of stylists to deliver beautiful results all around the Toronto area.