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Hair & Makeup Team

Fully Mobile Hair And Makeup Artists in Toronto & Vancouver

We help luxury brides find a "me-but-better" look they absolutely love with natural, glowing makeup and soft, beautiful hair. You will feel amazingly comfortable and confident with your family and friends on your wedding day - without looking like someone else!

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Michael - Owner and Lead Stylist at Michael Fels Beauty Hair and Makeup

Owner & Lead Stylist

A lifelong artist, Michael turned his interests from drawing and painting faces to actually painting on faces in 2014, when he attended the John Casablancas Institute, graduating from their Makeup Artistry Diploma program in 2015 with Honours.

Now in his thirties, Michael loves to connect with each client so they can leave the chair feeling confident and fabulous. He believes outer beauty is all about feeling connected to your inner beauty, and strives to make sure clients feel beautiful inside and out.

Michael also maintains his personal art practice and you can find his colourful and whimsical paintings at www.mikeymakeyart.com.