Crossdresser Makeup Services

It’s not just about makeup – it’s about a personal connection with both you and your feminine side.

Whether you are brand new to female expression or you are ready to elevate your crossdressing experience and step up to a new level of feminine beauty and expression: get ready to see yourself like you never have before.

As a makeup artist providing crossdresser makeup services in the Toronto area, Michael knows that amazing makeup is the crowning jewel on any cross dressing look. When you see yourself as a beautiful female you can begin to accept that side of yourself and take pride in it.

Girls just wanna have fun – and look good doing it! That’s what this service is all about: making sure you look and feel beautiful and have a great time!

What makes Michael Fels Beauty so well suited to provide crossdresser makeup in Toronto?

From a young age Michael always felt a strong feminine energy that existed inside of him. During his teen years he used to secretly sneak into his sister’s closet and put on her clothes, shoes and makeup. After almost getting caught once he decided it was too dangerous and stopped doing it. Does that sound familiar to you?

At 23 Michael came out as a gay man. He would go on to experiment with drag and gender performance, being confused about his own gender identity for a time before accepting himself as an effeminate gay man. His personal interest in dressing up faded but he found a new joy in helping others express their own cross dressing desires and unleash a side of themselves that they kept locked away.

As a gay man he understands what it’s like to exist outside of societal norms and to feel like you have to a hide a huge part of who you are. And the pain of that - particularly when that part that is hidden is the part that makes you feel the most alive! There are so many difficult and nuanced emotions around crossdressing: excitement and shame, joy and guilt, freedom and fear. It’s complicated!

Michael’s easy going and non-judgemental attitude are the perfect qualities in a crossdresser’s makeup artist. He is as excited about your transformation as you are because he understands that when you shine your brightest then the whole world is better for it. Even if you’re just doing it in private.

Michael’s Philosophy on Crossdressing

What you want isn’t wrong. It’s not disgusting or weird. It’s not something to be ashamed of. It’s not hurting anyone. You want to do it because you’re supposed to do it – you wouldn’t have the desire, interest or curiosity for it if you were not supposed to do it. You are here to show your truest, most authentic self because that is what is special about you and that is how you have the greatest positive impact on other people in this world. There is always a positive ripple out into the world around you when you are true and authentic and express what is in your heart.

The Toronto Crossdresser Makeup Experience

What you’re going to love most about your crossdressing makeup session with Michael is how incredibly feminine and beautiful you will feel. Michael’s specialty with Crossdressing Makeup falls somewhere between “Real Girl” and “Drag Queen” and he will adjust the look depending on what you desire. Not sure what makeup style will look good on you? Don’t worry – you can figure it out together. Just show some makeup inspo photos and Michael will tailor the look to your features.

***We ONLY offer makeup services. We do NOT supply wigs, clothing, shoes, etc. ***

If you have your own wig we will happily help you put it on!

Services and Rates

The Standard Femme-inine Look $225, 1.5 Hour Session

Feminine beauty makeup using your own natural features (including your brows). Ranging from natural to full glam. This looks is girly and fun for all, but only those with existing feminine features (or very thin/light eyebrows) will really look like a woman. Includes one pair of real-girl false eyelashes. $225

The Full Femme Fantasy Look $300, 2.5 Hour Session

Soft and beautiful, ala RuPaul: "natural drag" makeup, or "your face as a woman". Using tricks from the world of Drag Makeup, Michael will block out your brows and paint a completely new, feminine facial structure illusion onto your face. This look is for those wanting a full transformation. Great choice if you have more traditionally masculine features! Includes larger lashes or multiple pairs of lashes. $300

The Complete Drag Makeup Look: Cartoon, Fantasy, Sexdoll $375, 3 Hour Session

Strong and sharply contrasting makeup designed to be worn out at night to a bar or club, or on stage. Very exaggerated (think Bianca Del Rio, Trixie Mattel, Kim Chi). Includes so many lashes that you may fly away if you blink too fast. $375

The Crossdressing Makeup Lesson, $500-550, 2.5 Hour Session

Learn how to paint your own face in this 2.5 hour makeup lesson with Michael! I will do one side of your face while you watch and then have you do the other side, going step by step through the entire makeup application. I also record step by step instructions for you in a notebook so you can refer back if needed. I have done lessons for crossdressers and they are always very happy with the outcome, often sending me photos months or even a year later to show their progress which warms my heart! The price range for this session depends on the travel fees to your location: $500-$550

crossdresser Makeup Services  by Michael Fels Beauty