POC/ Black Makeup Services Toronto & Vancouver

Toronto POC Makeup Artist

Makeup services for your skintone shouldn't be hard to find. Regardless of whether you wear the deepest shade or the lightest, at Michael Fels Beauty we pride ourselves on serving ALL clients, and doing a damn good job with every face we have the opportunity to work on. Great makeup for black women in Toronto and Vancouver should not be hard to find!

Michael prioritized growing the skills to work on a global range of skintones early in his career, and prides himself on specifically being able to surprise and delight clients with deeper skintones. After seeing almost every model and client of colour - particularly black women - bring their own makeup "just in case", he knew this was something he needed to focus on. Giving black women a beautiful and worry-free makeup experience is something he feels very strongly about.

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    • Natural Daytime Look – 45 minutes She loves to look polished and put together but not overdone – it’s daytime after all. Naturally perfected makeup with a focus on gorgeous, glowing complexion that is gently contoured. Perfect skin is balanced with defined features: eyes, brows and lips. Effortlessly beautiful.
    • Natural Evening Look – 60 minutes A stepped-up version of the “Daytime Realness” to take you from after-work cocktails straight into an evening out. Eye or lip focus – you decide! She’s so versatile.
    • Glam Evening Look – 1.5 hours Your glam makeup! For the ladies who like a beautifully contoured face with full brows, bold eyes, all the lashes and plumped up lips. She’s gonna party all night.


Added Luxuries

    • Great for those with oily skin, textured skin, or for days where you need to look perfect all day long. $30 per person.
    • Keep yourself looking fresh and perfect all day long! $30 per person.
    • Styling and installation of your own set of hair extensions. $30 per person.


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