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Freelance Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist in Ontario & British Columbia

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Hair and Makeup services are a fundamental part of most Photography and Film projects. These include Portraits & Headshots, Corporate shoots such as commercials and advertising materials, and Ecommerce projects such as catalogue shoots.

We make sure that no matter who is on camera, they look and feel fabulous (and stay that way!) all day long. Michael Fels Beauty offers flexible packages including By-The-Hour, as well as Half Day and Full Day Rates. Whatever your needs – we are here to make your next project a success.

Photographers love working with Michael Fels Beauty because:


When clients look fabulous they feel fabulous. Michael’s personable, friendly and uplifting energy helps create a fun atmosphere on set so clients not only look good but also feel good about themselves. He strives to connect with every client to help empower them before they get in front of the camera. And we know that clients who feel good are easier to direct and have more energy to give to the camera which means you can capture better photos faster and they will be happier with their photos (and so will you!).


Booking one artist who is skilled at both hair and makeup. Michael also runs a team of talented artists so he is a one-stop shop: no matter how many artists you need there will always be someone fabulous available, even if he isn’t.


No matter what your talent looks like we know how to make anyone look their best. Trained as a global artist, Michael prides himself on being able to work on any person who is in his chair regardless of age, race, or gender. Never worry about asking if hair and makeup can work on someone who is ____ because we can work on everybody.


Well blended and colour-matched makeup that brings out the best in every client and will stay beautiful for the shoot. Hair that stays in place with fewer flyaways.


Michael produces beautiful results in minimal time which means you can shoot more, spend less time waiting and finish the job sooner. Michael’s other passion is weddings which means he is used to creating looks that are flawless and long wearing, all while working under pressure and a strict timeline.

 Average 15 minutes setup time
Natural look hair and makeup in 45-60 minutes
Glam look hair and makeup in 80-100 minutes
Hair and makeup look changes in 10-25 minutes.


We take the utmost care to maintain hygienic kits through best practices such as using disposable applicators, not double-dipping into liquid or cream products, using a metal palette to work off of and much more. We clean our kits between jobs to ensure a fresh and clean working environment every time.


Using both a Mask and a Face Shield to prevent the spread. Washing hands with soap and water when available and sanitizing after every time touching the client directly. We keep the client safe, as well as ourselves and our kits.

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  • Portrait & Headshot Hair and Makeup Services
  • Corporate Photoshoot Hair and Makeup Service
  • Ecommerce Photoshoot Hair and Makeup Service

Take the stress out of looking good for your new portraits or headshots – let us make you look and feel beautiful and keep us there for touch-ups!


Our artists are available to provide hair and makeup services for full or half day corporate shoots and events such as conferences, headshots and more.


Our artists are available to provide hair and makeup services for full or half day ecommerce shoots and events such as commercials, short videos, and more.


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