Moms & Mature Women Makeup

As with all things, makeup and hairstyling change with age. Your skin isn't the same - these days you're starting to have some lines, spots or wrinkles that you didn't used to. Maybe your hair isn't quite as thick or as dark as it used to be. Your face and hair are different now because you have lived and made it this far! It's a privilege to be here another day so embrace the strong WOMAN you see in the mirror, and let us help make you shine.

It takes a special touch to bring out the natural beauty of a mature woman. We want you to look healthy and vibrant! We believe you look best with gently defined features and a natural looking complexion - not overpowering you with makeup. As a mature woman you should feel comfortable and beautiful with your hair and makeup done, polished to perfection like the gem you are! Not covered up or like you are trying to look half your age in a style that's not appropriate.

What To Expect

Our typical mature makeup is some light complexion coverage that will make you look and feel years younger, like your old self again. Fill in those brows just a bit and gently define the eyes and give you some of your lashes back. A healthy bronzed and blushing glow helps bring the youthfulness back to your face that you still feel inside. A light, healthy lip colour to bring the whole look together and you'll be feeling like a million dollars all over again.


At Michael Fels Beauty we understand that Mom is a very special person in your life and she deserves to look amazing for your wedding day! Sometimes she may be a bit apprehensive about having her hair or makeup done but really she just needs to have her rubber arm twisted a bit because she is used to putting everyone else first. Mom DESERVES a little pampering, especially on her child's wedding day! Assure her that she will look like herself and tell her it's important to you to have her as part of your day. She doesn't wear foundation? That's ok, we don't have to put much on her! Whatever her style, we are here to listen and make her sparkle (without being sparkly!).

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We customize every look to your skin and features! Whether you prefer natural, glam, or somewhere in between, we work with you to make you look your best. Every makeup application includes the fitting and application of an optional complimentary pair of false eyelashes.


Your hair, you’re the boss! Our varieties of styles includes client favourite like Beachy Waves, Va-Va-Voom, Princess Hair and more. Read on to see which style is right for you. 


Not sure what you’re looking for? Our pre-made hair and makeup packages will offer you inspiration, and if they don’t then just create your own look!


Moms and Mature Women Makeup