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We help luxury brides find a "me-but-better" look they absolutely love with natural, glowing makeup and soft, beautiful hair. You will feel amazingly comfortable and confident with your family and friends on your wedding day - without looking like someone else!

Goodbye Stress:

What To  Expect on Your Wedding Day

At Michael Fels Beauty we do all the work for you so you can focus on having an amazing morning with your bridal party. Isn't that what it's all about?

We arrive at your location early, set ourselves up during the pre-assigned setup time and then the magic begins. We run the morning according to the schedule you approved months ago so there is no need for you to be in charge of who goes when - we've got it covered. All you have to think about is what music you want to put on and if you want to start having your Mimosas yet!

We even build in 30 minutes of buffer time at the end of the schedule just to make sure no one is rushing, stressed or behind.

It's peaceful good times all morning because weddings don't have to be stressful.

The Bride's Experience

You already know exactly what your look will be thanks to the three hour Bridal Hair & Makeup Preview Session we had weeks ago where we totally perfected your look. Do you have some minor tweaks you'd like to make? No problem! Just let us know - we're happy to work together with you because it's your day.

We schedule your personal services second-to-last to make sure that our artists are warmed up and ready to give you their best work, but also make sure that your time won't run short. This also keeps you fresh so you look your best when it's time to go.

You are finished on time or early, looking and feeling calm, relaxed, and absolutely beautiful.

That is the Michael Fels Beauty experience. Isn't that how you want to feel on your wedding day?

Toronto Bridal Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Our Goal & The Extras

Our goal is to support you every step of the way on your bridal beauty journey so that you and your bridal party know what you need to do and have all the information to do it - taking away the stress and confusion not just on the morning of your wedding but in the months leading up to it as well. After helping so many brides go through the process we know what questions are going to come up so we have put them and their answers together in easy to read and well timed documents that come to you exactly when you and your bridal party will need them!

Our Bridal Package includes the Michael Fels Beauty Timeline which is an invaluable resource that covers all things health, wellness and beauty for you to consider in the 12 months leading up to your stress-free wedding. So many of our brides thank us on their wedding day for this resource because it made the journey so much smoother.

Our Bridal Package also includes the Michael Fels Beauty Bridal Preview Trial Guide FAQ which covers everything you need to know to get the most out of your trial including how to pick reference photos, how to prep your hair and skin and also what to wear and why.

Our Bridal Package also includes the Michael Fels Beauty Wedding Day Prep Guide FAQ which covers everything you and your entire bridal party need to know to look your best on the day of the wedding, including information about reference images, prepping hair and skin, what to wear, use of your own products, reminders about physical working requirements for the stylists and Covid policies.


We will create a custom bridal beauty packages for you based off of what you and your party will need for your wedding day. Please see our services below and use the contact link underneath to get in touch about booking a consult call for your bespoke bridal beauty package!

Minimum Spend Requirement: Please note that for Saturday weddings during bridal high season we have a minimum contract spend of $2500* to book Michael as your personal bridal stylist, or $2000* to book our talented team of stylists. These minimums apply for parties wanting services starting in the morning, to be ready for late morning or early afternoon. For parties beginning their services at 1PM or later (meaning you need to be ready by late afternoon), this minimum does not apply.

*This amount is inclusive of all beauty services relating to your wedding, potentially including engagement hair and makeup, bridal shower hair and makeup, bridal trial hair and makeup, wedding day hair and makeup services, spray tanning, airbrush foundation, hair extension rental, as well as taxes, travel fees, early morning fees and extra artist fees.

Our Services

    • Wedding/ Bridal Makeup Trial Only. Includes standard false eyelashes. $300
    • Wedding/ Bridal Hair Trial Only. Includes a hair doughnut if needed as well as installation and styling of your own hair extensions.$300
    • Wedding/ Bridal Hair and Makeup Trial Package (Preview Services Only) $400
    • Wedding/ Bridal Makeup Only. Includes standard false eyelashes. $350
    • Wedding/ Bridal Hair Only. Includes a hair doughnut if needed as well as installation and styling of your own hair extensions. $350
    • Wedding/ Bridal Hair and Makeup Package (Wedding Day Services Only) $525
    • Makeup Only. Includes standard false eyelashes. $150
    • Hair Only. Includes a hair doughnut if needed. $150
    • Hair and Makeup Package. $300

Added Luxuries

    • Great for those with oily skin, textured skin, or for days where you need to look perfect all day long.
    • Keep yourself looking fresh and perfect all day long! $35
    • Rental of Hair Extensions for your Wedding Day $200 per person
    • Styling and installation of your own set of hair extensions. $50 per person


Travel Fees apply starting at $45 per stylist. Early Morning Fees for start times of 7:30AM or earlier may apply. Local taxes apply (13% HST)

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