Why You shouldn’t DIY Your Wedding Hairstyling

Why You shouldn’t DIY Your Wedding Hairstyling

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When planning your wedding, there are several vendors you need to hire to ensure the whole event goes smoothly. As you work your way down your list of vendors, you’ll notice that expenses pile up pretty quickly. If you’re looking to cut down on the costs, you may want to DIY certain aspects.

Styling your hair may be one task you want to DIY. However, before you decide on this, think about the consequences. Something as small as styling your hair on your own for your big day is easier said than done. There are several aspects you must account for to avoid disaster, but given the stress of the day, there are high chances of forgetting them. To help you see exactly what could go wrong, Michael Fels Beauty has explained why you shouldn’t DIY your wedding hairstyling.

1. Your efforts may be short-lived
When you attempt to DIY your hairstyle for your wedding day, there are high chances that it might not last all day, and your photos will be ruined. Professionals know how to secure your hair in place with the right amount of pins and products. This will prevent it from coming loose throughout the day.

2. Your wedding photos may turn out disappointing
If your hair is a mess, you will regret how you look in your wedding photos, and they will feel like a waste of money. Wedding photography is one of the bigger ticket items in a wedding budget, so make sure you look your best. That way, it feels like money well spent, and you have beautiful photos to cherish for a lifetime.

3. You may have to get your hair redone during your wedding
If you try to style your own hair for your wedding, it could be a disaster, look bad, or potentially not hold up to the day. Imagine halfway through the day you have to step away from the joy of your wedding to have a bridesmaid redo your hair. Or, you are dancing, and your hair starts coming apart in front of all of your guests! This can feel really embarrassing and awkward, which can ruin the feel of your wedding day.

Do things right - Hire a professional!
Anyone can perform dry hairstyling without a license, but only licensed professionals should cut and color hair for the ideal results. That said, very often, salon stylists specialize in cutting and coloring hair, but they do not have a strong background in event styling - particularly updos.

As a result, you need to find a professional who can meet your needs perfectly. They must have an eye for detail and style and knowledge of trends, products, and applications. They should also understand how to make a flattering hairstyle that suits your overall look and lasts all day long while still looking fresh.

Why you shouldn’t do-it-yourself
Even if you aren’t tempted to do your own hair for your wedding but may consider having a friend do it, understand that this too is a bad idea. Here’s why:

Imagine it is your wedding day, and your friend just did your hair, but you don’t like it. Are you able to tell them without it making the rest of the day awkward and casting a shadow of awkwardness over both your wedding and relationship with that person? How long would it be weird with that friend if you did say something? Or for how many years would you hate your wedding photos if you did not say something? Or what if your hairstyle only held for half the day and then fell apart, and you had to spend time away from your wedding getting your friend (if they are there) to try and fix it?

It all sounds like a nightmare, but it definitely can be avoided. The great thing about hiring a professional is that it will not hurt their feelings when you want to change something. It is their job to give you what you want, to the best of their ability, and they are trained to do so. Also, they want to help reduce your stress as much as possible.

Additionally, when looking for a professional hairstylist, see if they specialize in makeup too. Hiring one person who does both services can give you a more cohesive look, and special event stylists have a stronger background in styling compared to most salon stylists who specialize in cutting and coloring, especially if you are looking for an updo!

What we do at Michael Fels Beauty
With salon stylists, even if they can do the style, it might not necessarily be designed to last all day. We at Michael Fels Beauty are wedding professionals trained to create beautiful hairstyles that last through the ups and downs of a full wedding day. We are a team of mobile hair and makeup artists serving Toronto and Vancouver. We have the skills and expertise to make your wedding day hair and makeup not only look great but also last all through the day.

Besides this, our services are affordable. Our wedding day hairstyling for the bride and three bridesmaids, including a trial for the bride beforehand to find her dream look, will cost about $800 to $900. For a bride plus five, the price range would be $1000 to $1300. Finding a team of artists who do both hair and makeup will help cut down the costs and the amount of time you as a bride have to spend looking for a hair and makeup vendor.

For more insights about wedding day makeup and hairstyling, reach out to us at Michael Fels Beauty. We specialize in hair and makeup services in Toronto and Vancouver. We help brides-to-be find a look they absolutely love with natural, glowing makeup and soft, beautiful hair so that they feel comfortable and confident as themselves on their wedding day. When catering to the requirement, we make sure to pay attention to what is requested. That way, the client receives exactly what they expect, if not better!

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