How To Prepare For Your Bridal Trial

How To Prepare For Your Bridal Trial

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Bridal Trials are an absolute-must for so many reasons!

  • A bridal trial helps you figure out so many things about a stylist and your own bridal makeup and hair preferences.
  • It gives you a chance to connect with your bridal stylist so you’re comfortable with them and you know exactly who you will be getting on your wedding day. This will ensure they put you at ease on your wedding day because they are a familiar face.
  • The trial helps you experiment with different makeup looks and hairstyles that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to try before your big day. 
  • A trial will eliminate any stress around your look because you will know exactly what the look will be, and it also gives you time to try the look out and see what changes you may want to make.

As a result, bridal trials are a great investment.

However, before you head for your trial, make sure that you’re prepared. To help you with the preparations, the experts at Michael Fels Beauty have put together a few essential steps that you should follow. These steps include tips to derive maximum benefits from a bridal trial.

1. Collect hair and makeup inspiration images
Inspiration images translate your vision to your hair and makeup artist, giving them a clearer picture of what you have in mind. At the trial, you can show the images you like to ensure you are both on the same page and informed.

The hair and makeup inspiration images you choose should be of a person of your gender and ethnicity and a similar age with similar skin, eyes, and hair coloring. Remember, inspirational images translate best when they are of someone who resembles you. Colors that are too bright or harsh against very fair skin are often quite beautiful on deeper skin tones (due to contrast in the color values). Similarly, a hairstyle with a lot of texture and shape on very highlighted blonde hair will not pop the same way on dark brown or black hair that has no highlights.

2. Prepare your skin and hair
Taking good care of your skin and hair is essential before your wedding. Drink plenty of water, sleep well, and take extra care of your skin so that it glows on your special day. Of course, that’s just the beginning. As far as a skincare routine goes, we recommend consulting with a dermatologist or a licensed esthetician.

Great skin is a foundation block to great makeup. We, of course, apply skincare products as part of your look, but there’s only so much a single layer of moisturizer can accomplish if your skin has been a little neglected for weeks, months, or years. For the day of the trial, please have a clean, bare face with no trace of makeup (especially no leftover mascara or eyeliner). Washing your face just before the trial is fine if you want to have your everyday products and cosmetics on until that time.

When it comes to your hair, things are a bit different. You know your hair and when it best holds style. The general consensus is that day-old hairstyles are the best, but washed and dried on the morning of the trial is best for some people. Think about when you have your best hair days and try as much as possible to set yourself up for a great hair day on your trial. Whatever the case may be, your hair must be bone dry for the trial with no trace of dampness or wetness.

Similarly, if you want any hair jewellery, crowns, pins, flowers, etc., added to your hairstyle, then we recommend having them at the trial so you get a feel of what it will look like. Additionally, if you’re using a veil and already have it, please bring it along to sample the look.

We also offer hair extensions at no extra cost for the trial (if you wish to keep them in, extension rental fees and deposits will apply). But, if you are providing the hair extensions, please have them washed, dried, and ready. We will style and install them. If you like, we can remove them at the end of the trial or enable you to remove them yourself later.

3. Wear something suitable
Deciding what you wear to your bridal trial is crucial as you will be able to see how your hair and makeup will suit the shape and color of your wedding dress. You see, even the amount of skin that will be shown affects your makeup decisions.

We suggest that you wear a tank top of similar color, neckline, and design to your wedding dress. It doesn’t need to match perfectly. Being in the same neighborhood is excellent. If your dress is in the white, cream, ivory family, then wear a top in the same family of colors and if your dress has thin straps, then wear a top with thin straps. Keep in mind that your makeup will look different against a white wedding dress than it does against a navy top or a pink top, and the amount of bare skin showing will also impact the balance of the look.

To learn more about wedding day makeup and hairstyling, reach out to the experts at Michael Fels Beauty. We specialize in hair and makeup services in Toronto and Vancouver and help brides-to-be find a look they absolutely love with natural, glowing makeup and soft, beautiful hair so that they feel comfortable and confident as themselves on their wedding day. When catering to the requirement, we make sure to pay attention to what is requested. That way, the client receives exactly what they expect, if not better!

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