Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Wedding Day Makeup

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Wedding Day Makeup

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Your wedding day is one of those precious moments where you might want everything to be picture perfect. You and your partner will be the ones most photographed on your wedding day. So, you want to look your best in all those pictures as they will last a lifetime. With that being said, your makeup for the wedding needs to be carefully planned so that it stays on perfectly throughout the event.

However, you may feel the urge to do your own makeup, maybe to save money, or because a makeup artist might not know your contours, your skin texture and may not create the exact look you want for your special day.

Unfortunately, your wedding day isn’t the time to experiment on your look by yourself as time flies faster than ever, and suddenly, putting on your makeup is more intimidating than usual. At Michael Fels Beauty, we understand planning your wedding can be challenging, and when it comes to makeup and photography, it can be complicated. To help you see exactly what could go wrong, we have explained why you shouldn’t DIY your wedding day makeup.

1. Your makeup may not last
The makeup you do may not be bold enough to show up in photos, and you could look bland and washed out. Also, weddings are lengthy! Your makeup will not last through the trials and tribulations of a wedding day, tears, kissing, sweating, dancing, and the long hours!

Moreover, if your makeup doesn’t look good in photos, you won’t know until after your wedding when it is too late to fix it. If you ask your photographer to do extensive retouching on your face in the pictures they’ve taken, they will charge you extra for it, and they may label you a “difficult client” or bridezilla. As a result, it is so much more effective to make sure you have great makeup to start with.

2. You may not save money
You may think that doing your make will help you save money but it won’t! You will regret how you look in your wedding photos and will feel like it was a waste of money. Know that wedding photography is one of the bigger ticket items in a wedding budget, so make sure you look your best so it is money well spent and you have beautiful photos to cherish for a lifetime.

3. You will be stressed
Other possible problems include your makeup not holding up on your wedding day and you having to step away from your wedding to touch up your makeup or even redo it at some point. Think of how stressful it would be to worry about your makeup throughout your wedding? It’s your wedding day, and you should be having fun with your friends and family, not stressing about your makeup.

Do things right - Hire a professional!
Makeup artistry is an unregulated industry in much of Canada which means anyone with a passion for the art can do it. This is why it is so important to look for artists with training from a certified institution, to look at their portfolio in-depth, and of course, read their reviews! For our advice on picking the best makeup artist for your big day, check out our blog post “Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Hair And Makeup Artist.”

You need to find a makeup professional with an eye for detail and style. Knowledge of trends, products, and applications. They should understand how to make a makeup look that is flattering, suits your overall look, and will last all day long and still look great!

Even if you aren’t tempted to do your own makeup for your wedding, you may consider having a friend do it for you, which is also a bad idea. Here’s why:

a. Your friend may be good with their own makeup, but that doesn’t mean they know how to work with your face, skin tone, skin type, etc.

b. They may not have the products that your face requires and may be able to give you a look that is not specific to what you want for your wedding day. And then there’s the problem of being able to tell them that. Imagine it is your wedding day, and your friend just did your makeup, but you don’t like it. Are you able to tell them without making the rest of the day awkward and casting a shadow of awkwardness over your wedding and relationship with that person? How long would it be weird with that friend if you did say something? Or for how many years would you hate your wedding photos if you did not say something?

The professionals know what works and what doesn’t
The great thing about hiring a professional is that it will not hurt our feelings when we want to change something. Our job is to give you what you want, to the best of our ability, and we are trained to do so. We help take the stress out of your day!

We at Michael Fels Beauty are professional makeup artists and know how to keep your makeup locked throughout the event. We specialize in bridal beauty, both hair, and makeup, so you get a beautifully cohesive look.

Generally, wedding day makeup for the bride and three bridesmaids, including a trial for the bride beforehand to find her dream look, will cost about $800 to $900. For the bride plus five, the price range would be $1000 to $1300. Finding a team of artists who does both hair and makeup will help cut down the costs as well as the amount of time you as a bride have to spend looking for and signing with a hair and makeup vendor.

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