Crossdresser Makeup Services By Michael Fels Beauty: Hair & Makeup

Crossdresser Makeup Services By Michael Fels Beauty: Hair & Makeup

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Crossdressing is the art of female illusion and expression. It is tapping into your feminine side and fully expressing it from head to toe! When you see yourself as a beautiful female, you can begin to accept that side of yourself and take pride in it. As a makeup artist providing crossdresser makeup services in the Toronto area, Michael knows that amazing makeup is the crowning jewel on any crossdressing look. Michael and his team at Michael Fels Beauty want to help all crossdressers fully connect with and express their feminine side to look and feel beautiful and acquire more confidence in their softer side.

Michael loves to help all of his clients find greater confidence to express themselves as what you want isn’t wrong! It’s not disgusting or weird. It’s not something to be ashamed of, and most importantly, it’s not hurting anyone! If you crossdressed because you’re supposed to do it – you wouldn’t have the desire, interest, or curiosity for it. And if you aren’t doing what you desire, you can’t show your truest, most authentic self!

Your real self is what is special about you, and that is how you have the greatest positive impact on other people in this world. There is always a positive ripple around you when you are true and authentic and express what is in your heart. And that is why we love to help crossdressers find greater confidence to express their femininity. Whether you are brand new to female expression or you are ready to elevate your crossdressing experience and step up to a new level of feminine beauty and expression: get ready to see yourself like you never have before. Our specialty with crossdressing makeup falls somewhere between “Real Girl” and “Drag Queen,” and we will adjust the look depending on what you desire. If you’re not sure what makeup style will look good on you, don’t worry! We can figure it out together. We offer three levels of crossdressing:

The Basic Feminine Look
Feminine beauty makeup enhances your own natural features (including your brows). It can range from natural to full glam. This look is girly and fun for all, but only those with existing feminine features will really look like a woman. The basic feminine look includes one pair of real-girl false eyelashes, and the total service charge is only $150 plus HST and travel fee.

The Full Femme Fantasy Look
This a soft and beautiful, ala RuPaul look. It uses tricks from the world of drag makeup, and Michael will block out your brows and paint a completely new, feminine facial structure illusion onto your face. This look is for those looking for a full transformation. It is also a great choice if you have more traditionally masculine features! The full femme fantasy look Includes lashes (top and bottom) and features larger top lashes. The entire look costs $225 plus HST and travel fee.

Complete Drag Makeup Look
This look uses strong and sharply contrasting makeup designed to be worn out at night to a bar or club or on stage. It is very exaggerated (think Bianca Del Rio) and includes so many lashes that you may fly away if you blink too fast. The complete is priced at $300 plus HST and travel fee.

For the truly bold, we also offer custom photoshoot packages which include your makeup service, a complete photoshoot, and on-set assistance for outfit coordination, dressing, and posing.

If you are looking for hair and makeup services in Toronto and Vancouver, then reach out to us at From humble beginnings as a one-man operation in Vancouver, BC, in 2015 to a roster of over thirty-five artists, Michael Fels Beauty is here to provide outstanding hair and makeup services no matter how big or small the event! Michael Fels Beauty expanded to Toronto in 2020 to offer services in both of Canada’s largest cities. Our artists are available to travel worldwide. Our service is all about making sure you look and feel beautiful and have a great time! Michael also provides an extremely supportive environment for you to reach the next level of female expression. All you have to do is bring your looks, and we will help you look amazing on camera! Visit our website to learn more or contact Michael Fels Beauty today.

N.B. We provide only makeup services. We can help you put on your own wig that you bring with you. We do not provide or style wigs. We do not provide shoes, clothes, or undergarments. We can provide glue-on nails for an extra charge.