Drag Queen Looks


The complex process of painting an illusion is one of the hardest feats in makeup artistry, and none more difficult than painting the illusion of a female face onto a man! Turning a man into a woman is complicated but also super fun to do. Michael personally loves to do drag makeup clients because the transformation is so amazing – not only in how the client looks but also the way they act different once they have a new face painted onto them.

    • Best described as female glam makeup painted onto the face that is already there. This look does not include eyebrow blocking because we will work with your natural eyebrows. Best for first timers, or groups wanting to go out together. This look includes normal false eyelashes and gems if desired. $225 + HST & Travel Fee
    • Your full face drag makeup, whatever your inspiration may be! This includes a full eyebrow block, colour correction to hide beardshadow, all the lashes she needs to fly away plus gems if desired. Sparkle, gurl! $300 + HST & Travel Fee