Makeup Services $100

Makeup Services $100

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The “Daytime Realness”

Natural Daytime Look – 45 minutes She loves to look polished and put together but not overdone – it’s daytime after all. Naturally perfected makeup with a focus on gorgeous, glowing complexion that is gently contoured. Perfect skin is balanced with defined features: eyes, brows and lips. Effortlessly beautiful.

The “Afternoon to Evening”

Natural Evening Look – 60 minutes A stepped-up version of the “Daytime Realness” to take you from after-work cocktails straight into an evening out. Eye or lip focus – you decide! She’s so versatile.

The “Evening Out”

Glam Evening Look – 1.5 hours Your glam makeup! For the ladies who like a beautifully contoured face with full brows, bold eyes, all the lashes and plumped up lips. She’s gonna party all night.

The "Diva"

Ultra Glam Night Look – 2 hours Aka The “New Face” or The “Make Me Look Like Someone Else”, this service is a complete transformation when you want to make a bold statement. Sculpted-for-the-Gods contour, over-the-top Instagram eye makeup (cut crease, glitter, etc) with massive lashes (top and bottom honey), the boldest brows, the brightest highlight and the fullest lips you can imagine.