Hair Services $100

Hair Services $100

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The Blowout

Down Style - 60 minutes
Your staple blow-dry from wet with styling done smooth and sleek or with lots of body.

The Beachy Wave

Down Style - 45 minutes
She just flew back from a week on the beach in California. Natural or fully volumized – you decide! So effortlessly boho it will make them all jealous.

Curl Queen

Down Style - 60 minutes
Gorgeous curls, tight or loose, perfect for day or evening wear. For the girls who say “but my hair doesn’t hold a curl” - you’ll be a believer.

The Va-Va-Voom

Down Style - 1.5 hours
The classic Old Hollywood Wave that will turn all the heads. A must-have at least once in your life – you’ll never feel more glamorous! Pairs perfectly with the “Evening Out” or the “Diva” makeups. Hair extensions recommended for fullness and longevity.

The Half-Up

Half-Up Style – 45 minutes
When you want your length to show but you need it to be out of your face ALL night. Totally customized to you - styled high or low, styled straight, smooth and sleek or styled soft, romantic and curled with braids and twists. She’s beauty and she’s grace.

The Full Updo

Up Style – 60 minutes
Your ala-carte updo, styled smooth and sleek or soft and romantic. Wear it high or wear it low. Feature braids, twists, and chignons in whatever style you like. We’ll make sure it will stay up all night long without a little blue pill. She’s the eleganza extravaganza!

Princess Hair

Down Style – 2 hours
For the girls who want the biggest, most outrageously beautifully styled hair. Drown in a lion’s mane worth of perfectly curled hair. 2 packs of your own hair extensions required.